My name is Sisakhone Dovangmala but you can call m Ce, if you want. I'm interested in any kind of penpal. Race, colors, age do not matter to me. I'm 28 years old, 160 pounds, 'bout 5'7". I'm an Asian from the East Coast. I'm in prison for robbery, I got 28 years in prison and did 9 ½ already. Should be done soon.In my free time I draw and learn to write poems. I also work out to stay fit, play a lot of sports also. If you need to know more about me, please ask and be open-minded. I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable.

Sisakhone Dovangmala #304149
SCI ;100 Corrections Drive
Stanley, Wi 54768


Date of release: December 09; race: birthday: 3-28-73; I am looking for anyone who has a good heart, if you have some kind of disability and think you are excluded from what I am looking for, im here to tell you if you have a good heart you are very much included in what I am looking for, so please write Note: Eugene is indigent, gets one stamp a week. He very much needs more contact with the outside world, he was kept in isolation for a  longtime. please write to:

Eugene Lynell Cherry #195977
PO Box 900,
Sturtevant, Wi 53177



Please allow this brief introduction to ease any skepticism and answer some of the questions running through your mind. I hope this will reveal my true Essence. Since there is so much more to me, I will only say: the best description is the one you receive when you allow yourself to take more than a glimpse of the man, but the heart and nature of the soul.So don't let my current circumstance affect your decision about the person I am. Allow my sincere thoughts I speak to the inner voice of your soul and heart, also breathe life into your dreams and desires, whenever you close your eyes and open your mind to fully understand and see the man I am and moreover the woman I desire, may it be as friends or otherwise.I enjoy anything of substances. I was born in Chicago and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I enjoy reading, writing, workout and drawing. Plus I am everything I seek:I seek a woman who is caring, honest, strong and understanding, a woman who is loving, genuine, fun with a great sense of humor, intelligent, trustworthy, diverse, determined, open-minded, and loyal. Race and age does not matter, because the woman I seek may come in any shape, size, age and color.So if you can look beyond my current predicament, then I believe that we can cross the bridge together and close this gap on our new friendship. My heart and arms are open, so make the determination today and bridge our gap. Please send a photo and write me soon...Alphoncy is 37 years of age. 

Alphoncy Dangerfield, Sr. #224668
Waupun CI
P.O Box 351,
Waupun WI 53903


I'm a 43 year old male that's looking for someone that I can write and talk with when time is hard for me. I like to read nice books an love to play basketball and keep myself in good health. I'm looking for someone I can write and talk to fro friendship. This is a picture of me when I got my HSGD.

Omar Polk #148028
PO Box 9900,
Boscobel, WI 53805


I am well educated. If you want someone to share your tears with, to
hurt when you hurt, to laugh when you laugh. Someone to believe in you
and share your fantasies with you instead of laughing at them. Then
here I am. I know that this is not so very much to ask of someone. I
can be good to you and good for you. I am 39 years old. 5ft 7. and weigh 180lbs

 Please write to:-

Berrell Freeman, #171373
Waupun CI,
POB 351,
WI 53903