brown hair /brown eyes
Learning to speak spanish; Likes animals,books, science and the paranormal, science mysteries, and numerology. Please write to:

Nathan Hughes #798587
Stafford Creek Corrections center
191 Constantine way
Aberdeen, WA 98520


I hope that you have arrived at my pen-pal page for the same reason I have created it: the inescapable hope of befriending someone who can reciprocally match the genuine friendship that I have to offer.In life, we aspire to achieve many things, but the celebration of our achievements amount to nothing if we cannot share such moments with those we deeply care about. Friendship, to me, equates to loyalty, laughter, comfort, encouragement, praise, and sometimes rebuke. That said, if you feel that you fit the foregoing criteria of a true friend, I would love to correspond with you.For starters, I am an ethnic blend of African American, Hispanic, Filipino, French, and Aztec Indian. Clearly, I've  lived a very culturally diverse life. Its something in which I take great pride, because it has taught me to choose friends based on character, not on the shallowness of pigmentation, status, or wealth. As a former Microsoft employee, you can guess that I am infatuated with computers. I also spend a lot of time writing, so youd never have to worry about not getting a letter, for it goes with the territory. ;-) Jacob is 6'1 tall, weighs 190 lbs, is 36 years of age.

Jacob J. Gamet #883302
Po Box 777
Monroe, WA 98272


Are you interested in getting to know someone who is very down to earth and who has a great sense of humor? If you are, today´s your Lucky day! You need not look any further. And although your race is an unimportant factor, you do have to be a woman ;-)Sorry but that´s a must. Because I´m HIV positive, I am looking for a lady who is as well. My very sociable lifestyle before prison dealt me a harsh hand of cards, yet I don´t let that redefine who I am or allow it to dominate my outlook on life. We´ve all made mistakes, and while some of the consequences of our careless – or trusting – actions are greater than that of others, we all, nevertheless, learn from them. It is abundantly clear that our lives are gifts meant to be shared with others and I can´t think of a better time than the present for us to build something nice. If my words have indeed found their way to you and you´re sincere about experiencing something unique & refreshing, then I urge you to take this time and reach out to me. Delighted does not come close to describing how I´d feel to receive a hello from you! d.o.b 05/12/1972 Weighs 6´3"- 245 LBS

Anthony E. Whitfield # 876707
PO Box 777
Monroe, WA 98272-0777


For that special lady… How are you doing sweetheart? First, let me say that I know this isn´t the most desirable introduction a woman deserves --- Yet, if you are reading this, you can´t ignore that "we" already have something in common – we go after what we want, rather than leave it to chance…Can you appreciate a man who is willing to show you the affection you desire – that offer myself as the diary that secures your deepest emotions -- the one who would compliment your strengths while celebrating our togetherness? If so, you should know that we were brought together at this moment by our need to avoid pain and our desires to gain pleasure in our lives.I´m a proclaimed writer who enjoys good food, good music, intimacy with my woman, hoping to have the privilege of meeting a thoughtful, naughty, and career-oriented woman who is willing to reach beyond my temporary circumstances to embrace me with her essence as I captivate her with mine. Are you that special lady?

Kinnick Sanford #769453
P.O.Box 777
Monroe, WA 98272


Jonathan is Polynesian/West Indian, 5´10", 200 LBS and 31 years of age. (09/11/1976)
Hi, I´m Jonathan. I´m hoping that your day is blessed and that you find comfort in reading this. I realize what my odds are in connecting with you, knowing there are perhaps "thousands" of potential suitors vying for your attention, but I have faith and I´ll count on you to make the right choice in this matter. I amspiritually grounded, sort of nonchalant, but goal-oriented and driven. My substance is measured in part by knowledge of self, as well as discovering the beauty of the unknown when two people actually communicate. A quality in a woman that absolutely seduces and captivates me is her ability to transcend barriers, achieving these matters with class and wit. I must be honest and say that the "mature, older, woman" has always met or exceeded my expectations and I crave this type of chemistry. I´m in no position to make demands upon anyone, but I ask that you not play games. Well, dear friend, I eagerly await a response from you and hope that I´ve brought a smile to your face.

Jonathan Hagan #312902
WSR, C 414u
PO Box 777,
Monroe, WA 98272

Saul Fernandez Jr

First let me express my gratitude for your time and curiosity. Reading these few words could never convey who I am or let you truly feel the excitement I have at the chance of meeting someone new. I extend my heart near & far and I promise to do my best at introducing myself.I am a descendant of Cuba, therefore I consider myself a latino,seasoned, well-mannered, respectful, charming with an eye for beauty, not only what is visible, but also for the colors one portrays. I have a love for the arts and music is a must. I am open-minded to all subjects and ideals and I am eager for the chance to express my own.Unfortunately, times have put me in a position where meeting new friends of the opposite sex is very limited so I am extending an invitation to a woman  whose character and personality is parallel with mine. Please write to:

Saul Fernandez Jr, #874281
WSRU, D-2.09
P.O. Box 777,
Monroe, WA 98272