My name is Michael; I am a 33 year old white male from Sacramento, California. I am currently serving an eight year term~( drug charges) and my release date is November 10, 2009. I believe in maintaining a positive outlook, and making the best of any situation. I am heavily involved in the "Feather River College" incarcerated student program. I am a Peer-Tutor/Facilitator, and will have earned my own Associates degree by the time that I parole. Recieving an education, for me, has been a life changing experience; It has taught me a lot about myself, and has opened my eyes to things that are possible, when i put my mind to them. I plan to further my education, upon release, an persue a degree in Fermentation science & brewing chemistry. Please write to:-

Michael Enriquez #P-25357
CCC L-5-230
P.O.Box 2210
Susanville, Ca. 96127-2210


Hi my name is Willy. I am 23 years old, 5'10, 195 pounds white male.I grew up in Orange County California (huntington beach) I am serving a 2 year sentence for drug trafficing and should be paroled in mid 2010. I am looking for a cool female friend, nothing serious just a pen pal. So if you are into white boys with tatoos and a touch of punk rock shoot me a line. I look forward to hearing from you. ~~Wiley

Wiley Orrison V-29333
California Correctional Center
L-5, Cell # 230 P.O. Box 2210
Susanville California, 96127


My Name is Adam known as Sick D. Since I'll be here in San quentin for a few years, I don't mind you writing me, also if you're from overseas. Just drop me a line, introduce yourself and I'll write you back. 

Adam Gardner F33516
Pelican Bay State Prison,
PO Box 7500,
Crescent City,
California 95532.



May what you read now, encourage you to want to know more about the person behind these words. For I am a young man who is behind these concrete and steel walls, for my foolishness as an adolescent.It´s been 16 years and counting since I was physically free, yet throughout my incarceration this once foolish adolescent has evolved into a man, a father and an individual.Age, ethnicity and physical attributes don´t separate me from anyone else in prison. For we all are trapped and endure the same hardships. However, what does separate us, is who we are individually. Who I am as a human being.The simple things in life I once took for granted are now removed from my life. They have become missed memories, as I live my life for the rest of it here in prison, but I´m also living in a prison within a prison. One would surely say "is he sane or healthy?" I´ve even asked myself that before, but I am.The situation I am in is designed to break my spirit, but the reverse has happened, it has strengthened me. This distant separation from society has allowed me to be a Monk living in a monastery. Strange as it may appear, it has been a beautiful experience, which I owe to my discovery of Yoga, that which is in me, a few years ago. I am now a practicing Yogi of Ashtanga Yoga. For Yoga has shown me peace and love, truth and freedom, sacrifice and hope within myself. The fire is now lit within my soul as I shine in this dark and mundane world of prison.Please allow me the opportunity to share myself with you. I welcome anyone who is interested in positive and healthy correspondence. I view pen-pal-ship as a window into each other´s world. And my world is not the one I live in but the one I´ve created. Allow me to share it with you. Thank you!

Eric Robinson, J-20071
Corcoran State Prison

P.O. Box 3476,
Corcoran, CA 93212


I am a 37 year old male in State Prison. I am looking for nice ladies that want to be friends with a good man. I have made some mistakes but I have paid for them. Please write to me at:-

A. HANDS F84878
P.O. BOX 2210 L5-219u
CA 96127



My name is Jaime; I'm a 36 year old Mexican, American by birth, raised in Los Angeles. I've been confined now since 1994 with a parole date still pending. I can assure all those who take the time to write, I will show in return the same courtesy and give a response to every letter.My only expectations out of this ad are finding friendships, as well as the pleasure of corresponding, sharing thoughts, cultures, wild ideas or current events.

Jaime Vidales #K96986
Pelican Bay State
P.O. Box 7500, D-10 117
Crescent City CA 95532 USA



 My name is Alejandro Orneals nevertheless, prefer and go by my moniker dangerous from the city street of Colonia currently in Oxnard, Califas.After thirteen years of incarceration, that will indeed be a grand affair! With not much going for myself. I’m pretty much just looking for a pen-pal who’s comprehensive and most importantly willing to write, I welcome everybody the simplest way to get to know me is drop me a line. I’m very much looking forward to your missive.

Alejandro Ornelas #T-04147
Pelican Bay State Prison 
PO Box 7500 (SHU D5-112Low)
Crescent City,
CA 95532



Jose is 35, Mexican, 5'10 & 170 in weight & a very respectful individual who is very easy to get along with. I'm looking for someone who can understand my situation and that will not judge me for my wrong doings. If someone out there is willing to take a chance, feel free to get at me. Your time and dedication will be appreciated and I'm bilingual (Spanish and English) so you can write me however you choose to.

D-5/120 PBSP
PO BOX 7500
CA 95532



My name is Manuel Ruben Sanchez, I am mainly called Ruben though. I am 5'10, 175 and 43yrs. I enjoy reading, drawing but my main enjoyment is educating myself when I can take college courses that are offered here. I would very much like to receive a pen-pal who is interested in education, being a friend and is not looking for a romantic connection. If you are looking for these things I would enjoy hearing from you. Thank You.

D 5-109
PO BOX 7500
CA 95531



He is a nice Russian man. Been in America since a kid. He is 33 yrs old. No children and divorced. He is lonely and want friends and pen pals from the outside world.

Alexandr Poyras CDC# F53518
California Correctional Center
L-5, 117,

P.O. Box 2210

Ca. 96127


Jose is a young Mexican man from the the city of LA. He is 27 yrs old. He would also like to make some friends and pen pals.

Jose Villasenor CDC# P42699
High Desert State prison
C-7, 211

P.O. Box 3030